Linda Blair
Linda Blair, Siblings, Parenting Guide

Linda has written three parenting books, and two books on stress management. see below for details. She also has a long list of academic publications.

Straight Talking: Learn to overcome insomnia, anxiety, negative thinking and other modern-day stresses (Piatkus 2009).

The Happy Child: Helping your child through the key stages of development (Piatkus, 2011).

Birth Order: What your position in the family really tells you about your character (Piatkus, 2013).

The Key to Calm: Your Path to Mindfulness and Beyond (Hodder Yellow Kite, 2014).

Siblings: A parenting guide to managing sibling rivalry and raising happy children (White Ladder Press, 2017).

Straight Talking Happy Child Siblings
Birth Order Key to Calm

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